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Recipe of the week - no. 3 & 4

Ok confession time - I have squeezed two recipes into one post here, and it's also technically no longer May, but stick with me! First up, another BBQ-staple for those of you who like to do kebabs. Perhaps I'm being wildly optimistic, but the sunshine has to return soon, doesn't it?? Well, here we go with a quick and delicious Jamaican jerk marinade:

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp ketchup

1 clove garlic, crushed

1/3 green pepper, finely chopped

So simple right? Just mix these goodies together and you have a fine marinade that you can use on seitan, tofu, or thickly sliced aubergine, and as there's no meat here you don't need to worry about nuking everything or having separate bushes for basting part-cooked and fully-cooked meat. Yawn. And sometimes I add a very finely chopped spring onion if just grilling in a normal oven; the onion can sometimes burn if you're doing an outdoor BBQ.

And secondly, I had so many compliments about the smoked tortilla from week 1, that I thought I'd share another staple from my household. You'll like this one as it contains zero ultra-processed foods and for those of you who baulked at the idea of tofu above, breathe easy my friends! Here we have potato tortilla that takes about 40 mins in total to make, and makes enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch next day (see pic!). The egg is a great source of protein for those of you still sceptical about getting your daily requirements from a meat-free diet:

6-8 eggs

good splash of milk (dairy-free works fine)

1 fist-sized potato

1 fist-sized chunk of sweet potato

1 small onion (or equivalent in spring onions), chopped

Chives or other herbs for garnishing, if you want to go turbo-Ottolenghi

You could add extra bits like chopped peppers or other veg. I also sprinkled half with cheese.

Slice the potato and sweet potato into 1cm thick pieces and either fry in a tiny amount of oil, or you could do them in the air fryer for about 8 mins with regular shaking. So easy!

At the same time, fry the onion for about 5 mins until soft, and whilst that's doing its magic, whisk the eggs with the milk and some seasoning. If you don't have enough eggs, just add more milk to bulk it out.

Add to the frying pan, chuck in all the potatoes, and cook on a medium heat (I use 5. on my induction hob) for about 5 mins, then transfer to a preheated oven at 180֯ for about 8 mins until it rises and is super fluffy. Yum!

As before, ensure you keep an oven glove wrapped round the handle both when you remove it from the oven and afterwards, so some poor unsuspecting soul doesn't burn themselves trying to helpfully carry the pan to the table.

I've served it here with a very quick bean salad (kidney beans, black beans, chopped spring onion, tomatoes, coriander and parsley, olive oil and lemon juice).

Overall, it's an excellent lunch to get you through a busy day, and I absolutely forbid you from eating at your desk!

That's it for meat-free May recipes folks. Do get in touch if you are continuing some of these healthy habits into the summer months, and as always, speak to your friendly GP or nurse for more advice about how food can help improve many conditions, as well prevent ill-health in the first place.

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