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Eye-eye captain...

As you reach for your sunglasses in the current blazing weather, consider the rigmarole undertaken by those of us who, like me, are somewhat optically challenged. Glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, a combination of all of them shoved into a bag, with the chance of one or all of them tumbling out into the sea 95%.

But the silver lining here is that if you do manage to get all of them home, once you've finished with your contact lenses they can be recycled. This is not gross, but green! Acuvue have set up a scheme to recycle used lenses, the plastic/foil 'blister'/'bubble' packaging (any brand - winner!). In York we can drop off these items to Boots opticians (Coney St, Parliament St, and Clifton Moor) and leave with the happy knowledge that they will enjoy a magical reincarnation.

Back to that beach trip - sunnies firmly on face and now we've reached the pre-picnic conundrum of how to clean sandy hands. Do you brave the public toilets that smell as though people stand in the doorway and aim in the general direction of the cubicles rather than actually entering them, or do you whip out a neat packet of baby wipes, perfectly moist and sweet-smelling? The following is dedicated to my colleague Bev, often found holding the fort on our front desk, yet secretly hiding her encyclopaedic knowledge on fatbergs: wipes clogging up our sewers.

thanks to Irish Water for this delicious image

Anyone for more carrot sticks? Fortunately there is an alternative. Whilst almost all baby wipes have to be put in landfill (they should NEVER be flushed down the toilet even if it says so on the label, according to, my go-to site for a fun Friday night), luckily Mum&You and Naty wipes are biodegradable (plus their packaging is plant-based. I am actually drooling), so you can bury the kids in individual sand mountains and then clean your hands free of guilt, and pop the used wipes in the bin knowing they'll disappear in approximately 4-6 weeks. And...breathe.

Or there's always soap and water. But not in plastic bottles. Obviously.

And finally I am delighted (if a little surprised) to report that we counted 60 packets of crisps and biscuit wrappers in our collection so far, and the staff haven't found any plastic bottles in Dr Gurnell's waste bin since we started the project. And Dr Guion has a shiny new bamboo reusable coffee cup. It's all happening at OSMP!

More from me next week. But no more fatbergs. I promise.

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